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Supplies the data you need to “Turn insights into action“

Google Analytics is a digital analytics tools (developed by Google of course) which allows you to analyze your website data aggregated from the various customer touch points. The Google Analytics Reports give you a deep understanding of your customer and what they experience when they visit your website.

How to use Google Analytics?

When we host your website we can integrate the programming hooks so all your website customer activities and transactions get logged into Google’s Analytics Engine. Once there, there are a number of various reports that can be analyzed. We will help you with this. Contact us for details.

Some Effective Google Analytics Reports

The various Google Analytics reports take the stored website data and creates charts, tables and graphs. These provide the insights you need to set actionable business and marketing initiatives. Here are some of the best you can use:

A. Reports for Measuring Site Performance & Acquisition Patterns

1. Browser Report
2. Visitor Acquisition Efficiency Analysis Report
3. Customer Behavior Report
4. Mobile Performance Report
5. Site Diagnostics: Page Timing Report

B. Reports That Tell You How Your Content is Doing

6. Hours & Days Report
7. Referring Sites Report
8. Content Efficiency Report
9. Traffic Acquisition from Social Media Report

C. Reports for SEO

10. SEO: Referring Pages Report
11. SEO Insights for Google Organic Report
12. Keyword Analysis Report