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Professional and Personal Email

How do Professional and Personal email addresses differ in features and operations? How do they work the same? Do I need both? When should I use each? This section of our website will assist you in understanding the answer to these questions.

Personal Email

We start our discussion with personal email since nearly ALL of us who use email started with a personal account at some point. This is the email address we use outside of business for personal reasons even though there are some who DO use their personal email for business.
Usually this personal email is a free service typically offered by the AOL Mail, Gmail, Hotmail.com, Yahoo!, MSN and others like these. These free email services use what is called webmail, web-based or browser based email to excess the typical email features. Because this email is browser based it can be managed from any device that has Internet access. Also the email address is based on that service. For instance it could be:
  • myemail@aol.com
  • myemail@gmail.com
  • myemail@hotmail.com
  • myemail@yahoo.com
  • etc…

Professional Email

Effective use of email is an essential function of good business. An email address based on your business name will:

    • builds trust
    • enhance your brand
    • boost your company’s potential to attract new customers
    • is inexpensive 
    • and is easy to set up

Start by looking for an ideal business name. Domain Name Search

Separate Personal and Professional

Simply put, protect your professional email.  Use your personal gmail, yahoo, hotmail or AOL email to sign up on websites of personal interest.  In this way you will minimize your professional, branded email from being put on undesirable SPAM lists.

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