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Yoast SEO and Content Marketing Playbook

The Yoast SEO Premium Plugin is an important tool used by our team when developing our customer’s websites.  The Yoast SEO and Content Marketing Playbook format is uniquely created by WebSOA based on the Yoast SEO Premium Plugin and the Yoast Academy. The playbook documents give all “players” a clear blueprint for success. 

The Yoast SEO and Content Marketing Playbook has two documents:

  1. The primary document details the mission and vision of our customers, defining the target audience persona, assigning the day-to-day responsibilities and tasks, defining the important Cornerstone Pages, directing the internal and external link building activities, providing the SEO copywriting guidelines, and so much more. 
  2. The second Playbook document details the organizational structure of the website with its menus, cornerstone pages, regular pages, posts, categories, and tags. It also shows the focus keyphrases and related keyphrases to develop content around. 

The two parts of the WebSOA Playbook along with the Yoast SEO Premium plugin provides a clear vision for the success for each of our SEO and Content Management customers.

The Web SOA development team has successfully completed the Yoast Site Structure Course!

Professional SEO Services

SEO and Content Marketing work hand-in-hand.  After analyzing our client’s business products and services around Principle 1, we conduct thorough keyword analysis.  The analysis drives both the SEO activities AND the content that is most interesting to our client’s target market. Google Analytics in integrated into our website designs so success tracking can be measured.

Professional Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing campaigns are developed on a platform. The website platform is a framework for – writing, communicating and conveying your message to your target community. As the Subject Matter Expert you will be recognized as a leader ready to experience success results from your Social Marketing.

Our Thought Leadership Platform is – the foundation structure, the framework of communication, writing and conveying you as the Subject Matter Expert to your target communities. This platform of Thought Leadership is a position to stand on, write about, speak on, promote and defend.

Email Marketing

The third leg of online marketing emodies email.  The website tools used will capture leads that will integrate with email marketing applications.