What is POP with SMTP Email?

POP SMTP What is itPOP Email is the most basic form of business email. Unlike Hosted Exchange, POP Email stores downloads on your hard drive — as opposed to keeping them on the server so it can sync with your other devices. Most business users prefer Hosted Exchange; however, POP Email is a useful tool for infrequent email users who don’t require calendar or contact syncing.  Also, POP email is VERY affordable.

SMTP (Send Mail Transport Protocol) is a computer process used to send email to a another computer. POP (Post Office Protocol) is a computer process that is used to retrieve email from a remote computer location.

Reading email

A program, an email client, is used on each reading device to retrieve each email from the remote server.  For desktop computers Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or other programs are used for this.  One way to manage email across multiple devices is to leave a copy of the email on the server for a specific time period.  In Outlook the setting looks like this:

Saving email and Removing from the Remote Server

One can read email on multiple devices; the desktop computer, tablet or phone.  When this happens, once an email is removed from the device it is also removed from the remote server storage location.  Therefore, it is very important to use one of those email reading devices to permanently store the downloaded email.  Typically this device is the desktop computer since it has the greatest storage capacity and performance.