Polycom and Cisco IP Phones Systems

Polycom Desk IP PhoneGet a first-class phone experience with enterprise-grade audio, video, and applications support with robust interoperability.

Choose the phones, applications, and services that are right for you—and be assured that your phones will always work with every system. With organizations embracing open standards and SIP, single-vendor lockup is a thing of the past.

Polycom 2-line Desk Phone (IP 331)
Polycom 2-line Desk Phone (VVX 310)
Polycom 4-line Desk Phone (IP 550)
Polycom 4-line Desk Phone (VVX 410)
Polycom 6-line Desk Phone (IP 650)
Polycom 8-line Desk Phone (VVX 500)
Polycom 10-line Desk Phone (VVX 600)

Cisco 3-line Desk Phone (SPA 303)
Cisco 4-line Desk Phone (SPA 504G)
Cisco 5-line Desk Phone (SPA 525G2)

Polycom Conference Phone (IP 5000)
Polycom Conference Phone (IP 6000)
Polycom Conference Phone (IP 7000)
Wireless Transmitter
Wireless Adapter
Cisco Cordless Phone
Cisco Cordless Transmitter
Fax Adapter