Easy Steps to Get Started on the Web –
Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

How to point your domain name to a different website.

Overview – Setting up your web presence with a domain name is really very simple. (1) Research for your domain name, (2) set up an account and register that domain name. Once registered you can (3) enter where that domain name should forward or point to.  Contact us if you need Do-It-Yourself website assistance with this process.

Step 1 – Register Your Domain Name

Using our GoDaddy Reseller Portable research and register your domain name. Once you are sure your domain name is available you will be asked to create an account

Research and Register Your Domain Name
Research and Register Your Domain Name

Step 2 – Create an Account in our GoDaddy Reseller Portal

Once you create your account to secure your domain name, you will be given a control panel to manage what you want your domain for. You can (Step 3) have it point to another web address, (Step 4) set up your own professional email address or (Step 5) build a Do It Yourself website.

Step 3 – Point Your Domain Name to Another Website

This is handy for professionals who have yet to build a website and use the likes of FREE WordPress.com, a LinkedIn profile or Facebook to promote themselves. Here is an example of forwarding a domain name www.MrEdWoods.com. To facilitate this enter your control panel and select manage.

Once you are logged into your domain name account control panel this link will take you directly to your forwarding page.

Its easy to point your domain name to your WordPress blog