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Stop the SPAM Frustration

For those of us who use email as an essential business function, the onslaught of SPAM is distracting, breaks up our productivity and can be out-and-out frustrating.  Argggghhh…  What can be done? 

End Frustration From SPAM

Be Judicious

Be vigilant and protect your business email address. Separate business from personal. When subscribing to online services for personal or home use, use a gmail, yahoo or hotmail account. Even so, always be careful as to what online you subscribe to. Once your email address is known as a valid address and gets listed in SPAM lists it will be  impossible to extricate your address.  Then you will be fighting SPAM throughout your career.  

Use SPAM Filtering Services

There are different anti-spam techniques used to prevent email spam (unsolicited bulk email).

All approaches have their limitations and there are trade-offs with each. One failing is to incorrectly reject legitimate email (false positives) and another is failing to reject spam email (false negatives). Each approach has associated costs, time and effort.

Anti-spam programs fall into four broad general categories those that:

  1. require individual user action
  2. or are automated by email administrators
  3. or ones that are automated by email senders
  4. then those employed by researchers and law enforcement officials.

Another feature used by some programs lets you create user whitelists (specifically allow) and blacklists (specifically block from being delivered).

Some implementations also check for viruses.

We will assist you implement the best solution for your business.