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Plesk Premium Email - Collaborate in Confidence

Powerful Groupware to Support Collaboration and Increase Business Productivity

Shared Calendars: From one to 100,000 calendars, view any number of individual and shared calendars in a singled, streamlined agenda. Color-coding makes it clear which events belong to which calendar, while the QuickView feature allows the user to zoom in on a single calendar (and return) with just one click. Day, week, month and agenda views are all there and easy to switch between.

Some Benefits of Shared Calendars

  • Improves team communication
  • Helps people be organized
  • Readily identify scheduling and personal conflicts
  • Office staff can stay knowledgeable on people on the road and out on projects.
  • Keeps everyone in sync and on track with project due dates and deadlines.  
  • Everyone can check their commitments and workloads
  • Easier for scheduling meetings against attendees availability 
  • Excellent for planning trips
  • Know the availability of team members where they will be and whether they are on vacation.
  • Avoids embarrassing situations with customers by missing appointments and meetings.

Plesk Premium Features

  • E-mail, calendars, contacts, files and notes – ActiveSync allows you to synchronize with any desktop and mobile device
  • Out-of-office notification settings – Convenient auto-responder
  • Desktop and pop-up notifications – See new items in the blink of an eye.
  • Calendars – Easily schedule and manage appointments and events with colleagues, clients and friends
  • Tasks – Stay organized, track and share the progress you’ve made within the group (web-client only)
  • Contacts – Enhanced address book lets you create and share contact information
  • Shared folders – Take teamwork to the next level and share mail, files and calendars to complete common tasks faster
  • Secure cloud file storage including access via WebDAV – Access your files from anywhere and any device
  • Seafile integration – Store big files and all your images directly on Seafile and get direct access from your Plesk Premium Email web interface
  • SpamAssassin integration – Filter spam before it reaches your mailbox and train the SpamAssassin database for better recognition of the wanted and unwanted e-mails according to your needs